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jimmy d
Hi, I'm Lesliejay
Hi everyone my name is Leslie I was diagnosed October 2017 with gastric cancer had 4 rounds of FLOT chemo then partial gastrectomy, I am now back with chem for 4 more rounds. The question I gave is with T3N1M1 does that make me stage four? Or stage 3a? Is there a hope for cure or only NED for periods of time?   Read more…

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Created Jul 30, 2014 in Marissa DeLeon's resources · Like1
We are a charitable organization supporting the American Cancer Society and Cancer Research Institute. The average age of mesothelioma diagnosis is 60 and symptoms are easily mistaken for less se... more

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Let friends and family help you

Often friends and family can run errands, provide transportation, prepare meals and help you with household chores. Learn to accept their help. Accepting help gives those who care about you a sense of making a contribution at a difficult time. Use the needs calendar on Navigating Cancer to ask for the help you need and your supporters can sign up without the burden of sheduling phone calls and coordination.

Specific Facts for Your Diagnosis

Learn about treatment options and managing side effects from experts.

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Connect with thousands of members with your diagnosis and learn from their experiences.

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