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A solution for the breast itch that can't be scratched!

Created December 3rd, 2018, filed in Breast Cancer
I’m a very fortunate breast cancer survivor who only has to take tamoxifen for five years. I’m halfway through! I’ve had breast reconstruction to replace my right breast. Everything went fine until about a year ago, when my fake breast started itching. NOTHING would relieve this itching & scratching didn’t do a thing. (Plus one can’t do that in public.) I finally found a discussion online, in which a woman said she was told that this was caused by nerves regenerating in the surgical area. Another woman said she used a heating pad on her breast & this helped. I tried the heating pad and it worked! A simple, non-invasive solution, just don’t turn it up too high. I have since scolded my doctors for not mentioning that this itching can occur.