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Planting A Seed

I was diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread throughout the bones of my body in July of 2012. I have run the gauntlet of all treatment types over the years and am new to this area as the majority of my experience took place in Memphis. This is am excerpt from my journal – a pastime I highly encourage all survivors to try since you never know what might touch another patient in am uplifting manner.

The earth laughs in flowers.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

While the illness has not kept me down much at all, there were times when the body demanded a little rest in order to replenish itself. It was during those times I found myself inspired by a renewed appreciation of several authors that had molded my thoughts and, as a result my life. Emerson was one of them.

I found that I was reading with different eyes. The lessons learned in preparation for the illness in combination with the actual experiences had a produced a clarity that was lacking before. Valuable pearls of wisdom that I had ignored in the past now stood out from the pages.

I began to think about the purely positive emotions that flowers inspire in us. They tend to infuse sweetness into even the darkest corners of the soul. It must have something to do with the manner in which they stimulate all of the senses in unison. They are visually delightful to gaze at with their abundance of colors and delicate, yet strong beauty. The aromas they emit evoke a wide range of feelings from tranquility to exhilaration. Many have a wonderful flavor when added to foods, not to mention medicinal effects. To the touch, they are soft and pliable which contrasts their determined survival instincts. It seems nobody can resist the magical healing powers that flowers possess.

Following this revelation, my thoughts on the matter were reinforced in meditation which asked me to go out and plant a seed – plant it with love and place all of my good intentions for myself and the world into it. So I obediently planted it as my momma did not raise a fool when it comes to divine guidance. I noticed how caring for the tiny plant elevated my spirits and allowed my focus to rest on something other than the healing process. I was beginning to see that there was something to this.

I began to make sure there were always fresh flowers in the rooms I spent the most time in during the day and when at rest. It was quite remarkable how such a simple thing could produce such monumental results as it not only benefited me, but impacted anyone else that entered the room. This was something that had to be shared!

Since most of the treatment areas and waiting rooms were devoid of flowers, I decided to correct this oversight and provide some. Everywhere I went, I would leave some flowers in my wake. This simple act of spreading the colors of joy around these bleak and austere rooms made a world of difference to the folks who got to enjoy them. A happy patient is a relaxed patient. A relaxed patient does not fear and allows the whole process to flow gracefully.

I continue to appreciate and spread the life giving joy that flowers send into the world. I started a special garden in which a flower is planted for every person I know that has survived the ordeal of cancer. Amazingly, they have been the first flowers to bloom and the last to succumb to winter which is much like the survivors themselves.

I'm Kona J W., and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer


  • Thu Dec 17, 2015
I'm Kristin T C, and I'm a survivor of Stage 1 Breast Cancer

I appreciate your thoughts, I am three weeks out of surgery today and facing treatment in the near future. Last year I went through the Davisdon Co. Master garden program and enjoyed the class and the gardens it maintains! Today I joined this group sharing and today I got my Master Garden certification in the mail. I feel like I just touched the surface of gardening and just learning the new normal about being a cancer survivor. I want to be positive and see the good on my journey. I want to be a flower in the world. I want to bloom in the winter! I want to bring color to the world, I want to look soft but have a strong “faith” roots. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you!

  • Mon May 2, 2016
I'm Pat, and I support someone with cancer

What a beautiful post. Thank you for such awesomeness.

  • Wed Sep 5, 2018