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Breast Cancer and Lymphedema my Journey

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996, I was 39, it was found through a breast reduction and I was in stage 1. I did not have a 2nd opinion, I was at a good hospital so I just did what the doctor’s told me to do. I was so scared. I had radiation, I had “27” lymph nodes removed and 5 years later developed lymphedema in my left arm. What a horrible thing to have to live with. Well to make a long story short, it’s been 19 years and I found a procedure called “vascularized lymphnode transfer surgery”. I went through the first visit with the surgeons, the lymphedema therapist and had a 2 1/2 hour MRI. I finally got a call that I was a candidate and am having the surgery February 17, 2016 at the UF Health Cancer Center in Orlando. This is a very exciting break through for those of us that suffer from lymphedema.

Hi, I'm Lisa E M.

Yes, this is exciting. I hope that you have great success with it. I also hope that your recovery is swift. Please let us know how this turns out for you. I’m pretty sure that my insurance has it tagged as experimental right now, but at least now there is hope for the future.

  • Wed Feb 17, 2016
Hi, I'm Kay B V.

In 2013 I had a lumpectomy in my left breast and radiation followed which damaged the lymph nodes and while still having the radiation developed lymphadema in my left arm. In 2015 I had a mastectomy (right breast) and lymph nodes were removed. Now I also have it in my right arm, shoulder and side. I too would like to hear more from your results and the procedure. I truly hope this helps you.

  • Thu May 5, 2016