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Rise In CA25.29 Marker

Hi, I'm Sandy

Have any of you ladies experienced a CA marker that has stayed in the low teens for 5+ years to suddenly jump to over 40? I’m scared to death! Onco says all other bloodwork looks good could be a fluke she will repeat in 4 weeks. I had Stage 1 Lubular Ductal low grade BC in 1 breast with no lymphs. Did mastectomy with 35 radiation treatments and told I did not need chemo 5.5 years ago. Took Tomaxifen for 5+ years. Feel fine other than scared. Thank you for any/all info you can give me. Sandy

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  • Mon Mar 4, 2019
Hi, I'm Jill A P.

Tumor markers can be very telling for some and not at all for others. If your markers continue to rise please ask for additional testing and scans. Lobular can be very “sneaky” in the ways and locations it can reappear.

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  • Sat Mar 9, 2019
Hi, I'm Linda S S.

I had lobular Breast ca about 2.5 yrs ago. After lumpectomy I was advised to have chemo and radiation. This was because my tumor was very aggressive based on the cancer test. So I did all that and had close surveillance including tumor markers. My numbers went from 15, 18, 25 up to 42. At that point which was December I expressed concern to my md. She said she thought it was nothing and offered me 3 options: do nothing; wait 4 weeks and test again; or if I was really concerned do some scans. I had the scans and had a 9 cm malignant ovarian cancer which I am in the midst of treatment
For. My advice to you: push for scans it is your body and your life. I pray it is nothing.

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  • Fri Mar 15, 2019

Who was your doctor? I believe when it raises in CA even if normal
Should be a scan… one of my doctors believes if it doubles be concern but it seems that some of doctors at Piedmont
Say don’t worry if it is in normal range. Glad y got scan

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  • Sat Mar 16, 2019
Hi, I'm Sharon G.

I had a lumpectomy followed by radiation and Tamoxifen 26 yrs ago and a mastectomy (same breast) 12 yrs ago followed by chemo and then 3 yrs of Aromatase (I stopped taking it because of the awful side effects). After the mastectomy my tumor marker was slightly above normal range and has continued to rise steadily. I have had two scans, both negative, and am scheduled for another on March 20. Fingers crossed!

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  • Sat Mar 16, 2019
I'm Kermit, and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer

My oncologist has not mentioned CA markers!!! I am about 1 yr out from dx of er+, pr+ hrt-. Are these markers done with a blood test? How often? Yicks!! What else am I missing out on???

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  • Sat Mar 16, 2019
Hi, I'm suzieqq

I was told it is a blood test. I completed treatment 5 months ago for rectal cancer.Petscan was all clear in January. I have the tumor marker test in July. Already getting ovrerly anxious. What numbers are normal for this test?

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  • Sat Mar 16, 2019
Hi, I'm BECKY G.

I have metastatic breast cancer and my oncologist does the ca 27/29 every 6 weeks. Haven’t had a scan in 1 year because he does not to expose me to radiation. Tumor markers recently went from a low of 35 to last time 50. Oncologist said not to worry because the marker varies from time to time. It is also a blood test.

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  • Sun Mar 17, 2019

I would be concerned

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  • Sun Mar 17, 2019
Hi, I'm Sharon G.

Today I got the results of my CT scan (see post #5 above). All clear!! Yippee!! I know the tumor marker blood test is not very reliable, but I’m beginning to think it’s pointless. A lady with breast mets (post 8 above) has a tumor marker of 50; I am clear of mets but my tumor marker was over 100. Totally illogical.

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  • Tue Mar 26, 2019

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