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metastatic breast cancer

Hi, I'm BECKY G.


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  • Sat Mar 2, 2019
Hi, I'm BECKY G.

Hi I have had metastatic breast cancer HR2 cancer since 2001. Currently on xeloda. Was on femera for 5 years til it stopped working. Then went to xeloda. Was told by my oncologist that if an anti-hormone stops working, all anti hormones won’t work. Does this sound right? Thanks Becky

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  • Sat Mar 2, 2019
Hi, I'm Christy M.

That sounds right to me… I have this too, since 2017. It seems like all the drugs are in a class and work similarly. Once one fails, that whole class is out . I was on ibrance, then lynparza , now I’m on chemo..
be very grateful you had 5 years of one treatment working! It’s pretty scary when you hear it’s not working any more.

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  • Sat Mar 9, 2019
Hi, I'm Jill A P.

I have not heard this to be true. I know many who have tried a lot of different hormone therapies with and without combination targeted therapy, chemo, or immunotherapy. I have had stage 4 since 2015. I was on an aromotose inhibitor, then fulevestrant. Now I am in a clincal trial for immunotherapy. Which anti hormone meds have you tried ?

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  • Sat Mar 9, 2019
Hi, I'm chells

How is it determined that the drugs are not working? Re-occurance? I have changed drugs related to my tolerance but not resistance. It is known that CDK4/6 inhibitors (paloclib, abemaciclib and riboclib) plus endocine agent as a comination increases survival outcomes for metastatic disease. I would question that more. Like pain meds or antibiotics, we can become resistant to a type and dosage….
not like any of us like the side effects of any drugs to push continueing!
More info I think is needed. Maybe this is a part true and part false. I will ask my practice this week when i get my good ol denosomod (Xgeva) shot!

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  • Mon Mar 11, 2019

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