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Hi, I'm D'Ete Meacham
I'm 61, finished my 6 full chemo infusions in October, continued Herceptin infusions through July 3. The chemo completely dissolved my tumor, but chose to have bilateral mastectomy in early Decembe...
  • about 12 hours ago · Like2
Hi, I'm JOYCE K.
My wife is on Herceptin and letrosole and has been for the past 3 years. About 7 months ago she developed extreme pain in her hip to her lower leg to the point she wasn't able to walk. She sees 2 ...
  • about 23 hours ago · Like2
Hi, I'm Beth
The IBgard seems to be cutting down the gas. I had severe nausea again yesterday so I went to Walgreens and got those anti-nausea/sea sickness wrist bands. The bands helped, however, I am worried...
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Hi, I'm Sally
I've been on Letrazole for 1 year, My HOT flashes are too awful. My Oncologist prescribed Exemestane, generic for Aromasin instead to see if it was better. Has anyone had any nausea and votiming wi...
  • Mon Jul 15, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Betti
I had similar symptoms after being on Letrozole for 2+ years but didn't equate it to that. Mine got so I couldn't do much of anything with my right hand (my dominant one). I looked up my symptoms...
  • Mon Jul 15, 2019 · Like2
Hi, I'm Eileen
On June 24, 2019, I had a bilateral mastectomy. I am feeling so depressed. I cry all the time. My chemo will start in a few weeks and I'm not sure how I am supposed to get through that. Is ther...
  • Mon Jul 15, 2019 ·
Yes, you are correct......The inplant on that side is so hard and raised. I can no longer wear anything that will reveal the difference in the breasts. I have made an apt. with a Dr. who may take...
  • Sun Jul 14, 2019 · Like3
Hi, I'm jill345
I am 58 - stage IIIA. I noticed I was breathing faster after I started the Anastrazole also. But I didn't see the symptom listed in the side effects. I am also wondering if it is increased anxiety?
  • Sun Jul 14, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm June K.
I was diagnosed with TNBC in 2003; no lymph node involvement. Decided to have bilateral mastectomies . Had 6 cycles of FEC. I am doing fine with the exception that I have cardiomyopathy thought to...
  • Sun Jul 14, 2019 · Like3
Hi, I'm Pgkossman
I have had estrogen-positives breast cancer twice, 2010 and 2014. Operation, chemo, radiation first time; chemo, operation, radiation second time. You name it, I have had the side effect. I have 3 ...
  • Sun Jul 14, 2019 · Like2