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Hi, I'm Betti
I pray you get some answers and the doctor should be able to perhaps order other tests to confirm or not confirm what you suspect. That happened with me several years ago. I was learning to work ...
  • Mon Jan 17, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Susan D
MEN's Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia It causes (benign or cancerous) tumors to develop on the endocrine glands, usually very slow growing. I was just wondering what sent you into the oncologist fo...
  • Fri Jan 14, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Tina
My doctor is also suggesting Doxil for a recurrence after just having finished carbo and taxol in June. There are lots of options and combos of drugs. It is so confusing. Any input is most welcome.
  • Tue Jan 11, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Kathy
Your oncologist has a cream you need to start applying now. I am in week 6 of this treatment and have went through 2 tubes and have 2 or 3 more as I also keep one at work. You will want to start ...
  • Tue Jan 11, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Nancy T S.
I was diagnosed in 2001 with Lymphoma. Still lurks. Then lung can er in 2011. Doing great. Denied any chemo. Surgery. I ignore my disease. If I cannot do anything about it, I give it very little ac...
  • Sun Jan 9, 2022 · Like15
Hi, I'm Lisa A T.
It's easier to just go ahead and shave it. In my experience, hair loss with Taxol is significant.
  • Thu Jan 6, 2022 · Like3
Hi, I'm Karen E S.
the above comments are really helpful, back in 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, for me it was hard to believe, still is. thanks to my doctor who insisted on testing, x-rays mris et...
  • Wed Jan 5, 2022 · Like4
Hi, I'm GordonsMom
My rad doc prescribed "magic mouthwash" which had a variety of meds in it (tetracycline, nystatin, hydrocortisone, siladryl, etc) It was horrible to gargle with (4x per day) but worked. Maybe ask y...
  • Mon Jan 3, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Kathryn H.
Remain positive. Level 1 seems an early detection. I hope that all goes well. Please know there is plenty of support, just reach out! Keep taking the best of care of yourself. Eat healthy and hydra...
  • Sun Jan 2, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Sharon
I have just been diagnosed with Rectal cancer,, a tumor that is near the rectum/anus wall.. I stay in lots of pain.. but will start my chem/Radiation soon... Thanks for the updates and the upbeat.....
  • Sat Jan 1, 2022 · Like4

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