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Squamous cell carcinoma

Hi, I'm Lisa Marie

I am in remission. It’s been 3 1/2 months from last radiation treatment.
I still can’t taste, and a lot of congestion, still feel awkward
Anybody else in this boat?

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  • Tue Nov 13, 2018
Hi, I'm Drew Boswell

Some background first: diagnosed late 2016 throat cancer, followed by surgery, chemo and radiation. 56 years old. Later this morning, I’m going out to run 6 miles. Things can and WILL get better for you.

Without knowing your history of cancer and treatment I can only tell you about my experience but it sounds like it somewhat mirrors yours.

During and immediately after radiation therapy, my mouth and throat were ulcerated beyond belief. It took time, more time than I wanted, to get to a place where eating wasn’t an exercise in pain and willpower.

It was longer than that before it became pleasurable, but it did. Recovery will be measured in months if not years. I had a lot of damage to my jaw with resulting scar tissue that prevented me from opening my mouth very wide (think Popeye on the old cartoons). However, over the last year and a half, I’ve continued to stretch the area and have nearly regained full range of motion.

Taste came back VERY slowly over a long period of time. It took some months for the mucositis to subside and I still have persistent dry mouth as part of my saliva glands were destroyed. However, I can eat anything I want. I would say that some foods that are delicately sweet are bland, spicy hot foods are REALLY hot and spicy and some bitter foods are not as bitter as I remember them being.

Over the first year or so after cessation of radiation therapy my taste buds and my mouth and throat in general continued to change. It is an ongoing process.

Be guided by your doctor, but I’d suggest continued trial with whatever foods you can eat.
Good luck and keep going,
Drew Boswell

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  • Mon Nov 19, 2018

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