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Just beginning this journey

Hi, I'm kka

Hi everyone,
I am 26 years old, 26 weeks pregnant, and was just diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma a couple weeks ago. They discovered a very large tumor in my abdomen that was about 18cm by 15cm. I had a laparoscopic surgery to drain it and relieve some of the pressure I was experiencing. They ended up removing half of it and when pathology came back I was referred out to the Oklahoma Cancer Institute. This has all been very scary for me in general but even more so since I am pregnant. I am meeting with my oncologist this Wednesday to see what stage I am in and what treatment options are available for me. I would love to hear from anyone who has had Leiomyosarcoma. There is not much known about this cancer because it so rare. Any information or uplifting stories would be amazing.

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  • Sun Mar 10, 2019
Hi, I'm Ria1

Hello there.sorry this is happening to you at such an early age and being pregnant also. I am new hear as well. I was just diagnosed on 2/14/19
with Ductal/ Metaplastic Carcinoma. I have had a lumpectomy on 2/27/19 and waiting on a Oconotype DX test to see what the likelihood of the cancer returning without chemo. All I can do is stay positive and pray for good news. I will add you to my prayer list stay encouraged and learn as much as possible. Take care.

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  • Tue Mar 12, 2019

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