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fatigue after treatment

Hi, I'm Chef B

I finished treatment for triple negative breast cancer on December 10, 2018 after doing chemo, lumpectomy and 30 radiations. My energy levels started to come back about a week after last rad, but for the past few days I have become exhausted. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced extreme fatigue a month out of treatment? I haven’t met with my oncologist since finishing, that happens this Monday and I will address it with her, but I’m just wondering about it. Thanks.

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  • Fri Jan 4, 2019
Hi, I'm Fancy Pants

I just finished 28 rounds of radiation to my left breast on November 15. The techs told me that it would take about as long to overcome the fatigue as it would to undergo the radiation. It’s been about 6 weeks, and I’m healed and feeling a lot better, but I also just had a hysterectomy on Dec 11.

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  • Tue Jan 8, 2019

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